Commercialization Partners

For Hard Science Companies



Developing a photonics, advanced material, bio-device or microscopy product is hard. Selling it is even harder. We know; we've done both.

Getting to Market

Targeted Growth


Killing it in your market, but have that a hunch there is a value proposition for other markets? Let us validate that hunch.

Analyzing the Market

Getting to Exit


Your investors want an exit; you want to see your innovation turn into a sustainable business. We can map that path.

Mapping the Path

We're Different

We Speak Scientist

Our leadership has doctorate degrees in the hard sciences (materials science, biophysics, etc.) as well as executive level experience running companies. All our associates and partners have worked extensively with tech- and science-based companies.

We Speak Customer

Our second greatest skill is being able to understand how your technology can benefit the world. 

Our greatest skill is translating that understanding into clear benefits for business. 

We Speak Engineer

Engineers solve problems.  You probably don't need someone to tell you how to solve your problems - you need someone to execute your vision and actually solve the problem. That's what we do.

Meet the Team