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U.S.–Based Microscopy Manufacturer, Zeta Instruments


Market Awareness via Articles in Commercial Micro Manufacturing International Magazine


Zeta Instruments’ 3D Optical Profiler was already well established in the semiconductor market, but it’s non-destructive, data-intensive surface measurement system was ideal for the laser services market. We pitched an article to the international website & publication Commercial Micro Manufacturing. The editor accepted the proposal, and we wrote an engaging article that highlighted the abilities of the microscope for the laser services market in an educational, interesting and non-saley way. Over 3 years, created a number of articles, advertisements, and collateral for Zeta Instruments:

After three years of working with us, Zeta Instruments was purchased by KLA Tencor in July 2017. Coincidence? We think not!

NSF SBIR Phase I Awardee, Delaware Diamond Knives


Commercialization Plan Preparation – Voice of the Customer Interviews (40 hour project)


Rather than using emails and web searches, the Diamond Chameleon Group actually interviewed over a dozen of potential end users. The client wanted to know the technical specs, but DCG delivered much more: the technical specs, the buying process, the actual decision-makers at various X-ray synchrotrons around the world, and price point at which the new product would have to compete.

Not only did the client now have the information to include in a Phase II commercialization plan, the client also had the business intelligence to decide whether or not to pursue the R&D of the product.

New Company In The Microscopy Space, Molecular Vista


Postcard Campaign, First Trade Show Appearance, Pre-Trade Show Preparation

Message/Branding Clarification, Customer Segment Identification, and Marketing Plan

(3 month project)


Rather than using the brochure to highlight the features of the instrument, we didn’t even show a picture of the instrument. Instead, we focused on the needs of the customer – the need for “Surface Chemical Mapping”. Now, surface chemical mapping can be used for every application, BUT we only highlighted the industries where we know a lot of money is being spent on R&D, for example, energy, pharma and Oil & Gas. We did not highlight “nanotechnology research” for an instrument that costs several hundred thousand dollars.

NSF SBIR Phase I Awardee, Alcorix Co.


Quick Turn Brochure

This first-time National Science Foundation (NSF) Small Business IR (SBIR) grant recipient needed something to hand-out or have available at his poster at a User’s Meeting. And, like many Ph.D. Physicists, he needed it at the last minute. Within a week, we created, reviewed and printed brochures in time for the meeting. Other projects with this client: email marketing campaigns, and commercialization plan for Phase II proposal.


The Alcorix brochures weren’t the most creative brochures ever, but that was not needed. What was needed was a coherent story, told on paper, that could be handed out and talked about in person – a very straightforward and informational brochure. And we delivered.

Florida Photonics Corridor Meeting & Larta Institute Webinar


Presentation, “Improving Trade Show ROI”


Not the typical “Stand at the Booth & Smile” stuff, but a practical approach about what you’re trying to achieve by going to a trade show, evaluating if you should attend, present or display a booth, and some simple hacks for making show follow-up much easier for yourself.

Serial Entrepreneur In The Probe Microscopy Industry


Company Spokesperson for Technical Presentation


Presented Technical Presentation at the AVS Conference in Tampa in 2017. None of the technical team nor founders were able to attend, so Dr. Hickey presented the technical presentation and secured sales leads.

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