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Market Analysis




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Interim Management


Experienced leadership available quickly. The security and flexibility of a team of expert executives who set the pace and path for future hires. 

Need a CEO? How about an operations officer to run the day to day business (COO)? or a Vice President of Business Development (aka Chief Marketing Officer, VP Sales, etc...). Whatever the title, you need boots-on-the-ground help. Don't have the time to hire, negotiate a salary, relocate a person, and get them in the role? That's where we come in; following your vision, we take control of the business to get it to the next level. 


  • Experience - Proven and Successful
  • Knowledge - of Advanced Science (mostly Ph.D.s)
  • Motivated by design (Self-starter is an understatement)
  • Respected leadership in the market




We are not an entrepreneurial support organization. Nor do we consult. We bring products based on hard science to the market. Our team members run the scientific gamut from particle physics to life sciences. We've been executives in small startups to large multi-national organizations. Just like in AFM, we can recognize artifacts because we've seen them before. 

  • Path to Market 
  • Messaging - Clear Communication Strategy
  • Sales Strategy
  • Investor Approaches / Pitch refinement
  • Connections to Potential Customers, Partners, or Investors, if appropriate

Market Analysis


Killing it in your own market, but have a hunch there is value in other markets? Let us validate that hunch. What are the markets? How much can be reasonably captured? What are the barriers to entry? We know how to get to those answers for your product and market.

  • Market Analysis - Top-down and bottom-up
  • First-person Market Research
  • Defining Value Proposition 
  • Ranking of market entry by ease of penetration, perceived value, speed to revenue, and barriers to sales




DCG's original core business was strategic Marketing for Scientists and Engineers.  If your marketing need is a brochure, the first question we’ll ask is, “How will a brochure help you achieve your goals?” We take a design-centered approach to marketing, beginning with your goals, and then determining how to achieve them with the resources available, using in a quantized project-based method. 

Services and collateral available include:

  • Brochures
  • Postcards
  • Advertisements
  • Published Articles (Sponsored)
  • Voice of the Customer Projects
  • Commercialization Plans for SBIR Phase I and Phase II Proposals
  • Trade Show Preparation - via presentations, workshops, webinars and pre-show connections
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Website Project Management

Three of the most visible marketing efforts are Trade Shows, Technical Presentations and Sponsored Articles, which are our specialties.

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Sales Strategy


You’re ready with your product. But those first few sales are hard. Hiring your first non-founder salesperson is hard. This is a time when there must be a tight feedback loop between your marketing message and your potential customer interaction. Fear, uncertainly and doubt are normal sales resistance points, and with a new company and product, those are escalated exponentially. We’ll refine your sales strategy, and choose the markets that match your production capability, key benefits, and margin needs. Selecting where to spend your time and effort are key to early success. 

  • Validation of Value Proposition
  • Participation on Sales Calls
  • Participation in Trade Shows & Conferences
  • Training for Manufacturing Reps
  • Case Studies for Your Product (Success Stories)


Getting to Exit



Your investors want an exit; you want to see your innovation become a sustainable business. We can map that path.

Are you an investor in need of a gut-check on an invested company? Contact us to discuss discrete ways to evaluate your investment company and help the team grow. 

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