Gone are the days when marketing of technology products was simply showing up to an industry conference with a brochure and selling. We'll help map a plan to navigate the dizzying array of options to reach your intended audience.


Scientific & Business experts? Yes, we know a few… Our team of consultants are experts in their own rights. Scientifically trained, yet experienced in transferring technology to the real world, they’re often called bridge-builders or technology translators.


You’re ready with your product. But those first few sales are critical to refining the message. We can help understand why your customers will buy, and then help train your manufacturing reps and sales partners to be effective quickly.

We speak scientist.

Diamond Chameleon Group is a marketing and strategy firm focused on helping successful scientists and engineers with project based strategic marketing tasks. Using a design thinking approach, we begin with the end in mind.

We speak engineer.

Your technology is so cool! You think so, and we will probably think so, too! We’re nerds that way. Now, how to convince your future customers of the awesomeness? That’s where we can help. We are a consultancy that translates the features of advanced technology into benefits for business. We’re adept at translating technology into products and revenue.

And we also speak customer.

We’re not a marketing firm for every company. But if you talk technology at social engagements and dream about the ways your technology can change the world for the better, then we should talk.

We Speak

Next Steps

Using design thinking, we create understanding of your technology’s benefits for your customers and their business.

So let’s chat about your cool technology and products. And then we can tell you if we could help you, in a project-based way, become thought leaders, build brand awareness, increase sales and ultimately, change the world.