Mike Davis

Passion for Science Outreach

Passionate about science outreach with at least 20 years of public presentations for more than 100,000 children and parents, dozens of TV appearances, his own TV show, and even the World's Largest Periodic Table of the Elements! His career started as a science outreach entrepreneur, running a company providing science shows.

Higher Ed Administrator & Educator

Experienced educator and administrator in higher education, with more than 15 years of service in the classroom and academic management. Highlights include being Associate Vice-Chancellor for STEM at the City Colleges of Chicago and Vice-President of Wilbur Wright College.

STEM Outreach Grants & Workshops

Exploring the intersection of emerging technology (Internet of Things) and traditional science education. Won more than US$6M in grant money for activities such as High Altitude Ballooning and Raspberry Pi trainings. Assessment is a key aspect of every project.

STEM Outreach Programs


Science Show Spectacular

For over 20 years, Scientist Mike Davis has been performing educational and exciting Science Spectacular Demonstrations from Chicago to Ireland to Florida. Mike's also used science demonstrations to fundraise at Gala Events! Cost of a show is provided on a sliding scale. Contact Mike for inquiries. (Educational organizations only). 

Maker Camps - Circuit Playground

Mike has designed and facilitated week-long and day maker camps. More information can be found at Faraday's Club Maker Camps.  In Spring 2019, he ran  a one day Circuit Playground camp. Each student was given their own Circuit Playground Express to keep.  Students learned how to program LEDs, turn servos, make sounds, and use sensors.  Students wrote programs using Javablocks with the free Microsoft MakeCode interface.  By the end of our camp, cardboard creations come to life.

Grant Writing and Advising for STEM Outreach

Mike has been the reciepient of over six million dollars of grant funds to run everything from community college High Altitude Ballooning launches to a full season of TV shows aimed towards middle schoolers, as well as the outreach side of a large nanotechnology grant and director of the Northwestern University Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) from 2011-2014. 

Talent for Media and News Outlets

Halloween can be a great time to have Mike Davis on your news show to excite the scientists, young and old, in your viewing audience, and bring some life to the newscast. Mike is an experienced Talent, who had his own science show in Chicago, "City Science with Mike Davis",  and has appeared on news items during Deep Winter in Chicago as well as Halloween in Tampa. 

Teacher Training - Raspberry Pi & other IOT

Mike's passion is to train others to inspire just as he does. He's wowed pre-k children with  SQUISHY CIRCUITS – FUN WITH PLAY DOUGH AND ELECTRICITY! and with community college students on WHAT DO YOU NEED FOR A HIGH ALTITUDE BALLOON LAUNCH

Product Development & Testing for IOT Student Engagement

Mike has run dozens of teacher trainings and classes and camps introducing pre-schoolers to high school teachers to IOT products and projects. From pre-schoolers working with Makey-Makeys to middle schoolers programming Circular circuits, he's put together kits and packages for those activities. He has evaluated and been an evaluator for science & STEM products, and knows the challenges that teachers, students and parents face when trying to do STEM activities.  Learn more at Faraday's Club.

Science Out LOUD!

World's Largest Periodic Table of the Elements in Downtown Chicago


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Writing a Love Letter in 46 Miles using GPS and a Cell Phone


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Science Everywhere! From Chicago to Ireland to New Zealand


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